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An Urgent Headache Clinic & MTBI Center


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Neurology & Headache Research center was established in 2007 and since then we have been serving the people Tri-State area covering north Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. We are the only exclusive center in the area treating headaches and other neurological disorders in an acute or emergency clinic setting.

Our board certified neurologist Suresh Kumar M.D. has been licensed in state of Louisiana and Texas. Dr. Kumar has developed several emergency protocols for successfully treating all types of acute and chronic headaches, using conventional and non conventional treatment. He has personally performed more than a thousand nerve blocks for headaches and neuralgia.
Recently, the center has routinely started  offering Genetics based medication therapy to increase the efficacy and reduce the side effects of medications for headaches, seizure disorder and Parkinson's disease. This protocol is being offered in liaison with the world famous John Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Kumar has developed protocol for forced oxygen therapy in migraine and chronic non- migraine headaches. Walk-in patients are routinely accepted and offered forced oxygen therapy to manage headaches of different etiologies.

Dr Kumar has been also known in north Louisiana for treating concussion/mild Traumatic brain injury and post traumatic headaches in motor vehicle or work-place related injury patients. Now we offer forced Oxygen therapy for acute and sub-acute concussion head injury/mild traumatic brain injury. There has been no therapy approved by FDA, but we have promising results with clinical experience in treating concussion head injury with forced Oxygen therapy with no complications. 

Our Services

Urgent Headaches Clinic

  1. We treat Walk-in headache patients
  2. Iv infusion and Oxygen therapy for headaches
  3. Nerve blocks and Botox therapy for headaches

Comprehensive Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Center

  1. Screening for our football/basketball players/contact sports for concussion head injury
  2. Immediate forced oxygen therapy for Mild TBI patients
  3. Treatment and control of physical symptoms of the MTBI
  4. 1 hour EEG and MRI brain DTI test for MTBI evaluations
  5. Neurocognitive testing and neurobehavioral testing with in first week of the MTBI to plan neurocognitive therapy or neuro-rehabilitation
  6. Visual-spatial/Speech/ occupational/ Computer based neurocognitive therapy
  7. Early recovery from MTBI with providing other support systems.

Full Service Neurology Clinic

  1. Non Narcotics treatment of headaches, neck pain, upper & lower back pain
  2. Peripheral neuropathy or limb pain
  3. Seizure disorder
  4. Dementia
  5. Post stroke therapy or other neurological disorder

Gene Based Medication Therapy

  1. All Our patients are enrolled in gene based medication therapy. Genetics based medication therapy to ensure the medication efficacy and decrease side effect for headaches and seizures disorders.
  2. We have joined hand with John Hopkins in research study to provide gene based medication therapy.

Medico-legal Service

  1. Personal injury consultation /workmans comp  Evaluations
  2. Investigation of neurological injury, EEG, EMG,MRI,  DTI
  3. Treatment and facilitate treatment of neurological injury
  4. Co-ordinate the rehabilitation of the neurological injury

Full Service Research Center

Dr Ajay Jwahar MBBS,MS has joined as Director of Research

  • We provide exclusive service to personal injury lawyers to analyze specific cases, perform detailed medical literature search pertaining to the cases and providing a narrative to help their case.
  • We are an active clinical site for multi-center cutting edge clinical trials
  • We are constantly involved in analyzing our own clinical data for furthering our knowledge
  • We constantly submit and publish our research to create and contribute to the existing knowledge

   Neurology & Headache Center/ Urgent headaches clinic has parallel operations of urgent and routine medical visits. our patients may expect some delay due to taking care of one of you in sever headaches during routine clinics. Dr Kumar also see patients in Dallas area, If you are from Dallas area, please ask our front office staff. We operates NON-NARCOTICS HEADACHE PRACTICE. Please do not call us for narcotics pain management for headaches or back pain.

    If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, to schedule an appointment or speak with a staff member 318-865-1200, please contact us.

Headache is a symptom, We treat the cause & the patients.

Suresh Kumar M.D.
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